In this article, I’ll discuss my recent web development using Django and if you’re new to this website, let me give you a short brief.

HackbotOne platform is a blogging website. The idea behind this platform is to publish contents from Application Security & Software Development like (Application Development, Security…

Why a portfolio site is essential for a Software developer?

A portfolio site is essential for every software developer to showcase projects and technical skills which demonstrates what you can do based upon your resume, your portfolio will be very much helpful on the job search because the employer can…

Introduction to Stored XSS

When an attacker browsing a web application and found a vulnerability which allows him to embed an HTML tag into the input box and the embedded tag become a permanent item of that page and then the browser will parse this code every time whenever the…

Anshuman Pattnaik

Python | Application Security | Web Security | Cybersecurity | Software Development

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